Hi, I’m Jeremy Johnson

Graphic designer with the strive and passion for using creative ways to communicate.

My 3-Step Process

Research & Sketching

Research is critical in any area of design, from logos to posters. It is about collecting data through interviews with clients, user feedback, domain research and more. It guides the creation of the design by helping you understand what makes people tick.

Create & Transfer

Many artists spend a significant period of time learning not only how to draw, but practicing drawing well. So what happens when you’ve put in the time to do this, come up with a cool hand-drawn concept, and are happy with the finished product? Time to digitise!

Refine & Finalize

So, as designers we are left to find this magic combination of virtues, which makes our work stand as completed and professionally “done,”
on our own. In design and various other artistic pursuits, the concept of “finished” is a
challenge to describe with authority.

Hardworking graphic design student thrilled to learn more.

What I Use



About Me

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